4th Risk Center Dialogue Event


Friday, January 15, 2016
with a Focus Session on "Engineered Systems Risk"

Programme will follow!

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Education is an important, if not the most important and effective channel for knowledge dissemination and for creating impact in industry, government agencies and consulting firms. Units of the Risk Center have already been offering and contributing several training programs. Those are:

MSc UZH ETH in Quantitative Finance
MSc ETH in Computer Science with a focus in Information Security
MAS ETH in Security Policy and Crisis Management (MAS SPCM)
CAS ETH in Risk and Safety of Technical Systems (CAS ETH in R+S)

The above set of programs is mirroring the distributed emergence of risk-related research and teaching at ETH. The Center aims in a first step at (1) assessing the offered curricula, (2) filtering joint qualification elements, and (3) identifying options for improvement. We are convinced that the overall quality of the programs can be enhanced by pooling a couple of foundational courses, and to offer them in all or at least some of the programs. In a second step, the Center aims at developing a qualification profile for a degree program in “Integrative Risk Management”. However, a thorough comparison of such a profile with stakeholder expectations and requirements is needed before a new educational program would be started. In a third step, subsets of skills of the qualification profile could be offered as short courses for professional societies working in risk-related fields to gain momentum.

It is the aim of the Risk Center to create a joint platform for all these already existing efforts and trigger the creation of new educational/training initiatives, particularly in the areas of social and economic sciences. In addition, a cross-curricular transparency should be established to allow students and trainees to choose the ideal combination of subjects in order to acquire the specific desired competences for their future work.


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