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Fall 2016

Date / Venue Speaker Title
11 Oct
HG D 3.2
Prof. Dr Michel Bruneau
University of Buffalo, New York
Perspectives on Engineering Resilience
Audiostream and slides here
18 Oct
HG D 3.2
Dr Laurent Marescot
Director, Model Product Strategy, RMS


Understanding Risk, Unlocking Opportunity – Impact of New Technologies on Probabilistic Catastrophe Loss Modelling
Audiostream and slides here
25 Oct
HG D 3.2
Prof. Dr Martin Larsson
ETH Zürich
Tractable Stochastic Models for Electricity and Energy Finance
Audiostream and slides here
1 Nov
HG F 3
Prof. Dr Markus Brunnermeier
Princeton University
The Reversal Interest Rate: The Effective Lower Bound for Monetary Policy
Audiostream and slides here
8 Nov
HG D 3.2
Prof. Dr Michal Kosinski
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Online Risk for Privacy: Intimate Traits are Predictable From Digital Footprints
Audiostream and slides here
15 Nov
HG D 3.2
Dr Amar Rahman
Zurich Insurance Company, Zurich
A Paradigm Shift in Natural Catastrophe Risk Management: Why Insurance Isn't the (only) Solution
Audiostream and slides here
22 Nov
ML D 28
Dr Maurice Dubois, Risk Director | Dr Natacha Theytaz, Chief Audit and Risk Advisory Executive
F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Basel
Risks and Risk Management in a Pharmaceutical Company
Audiostream and slides here
29 Nov
HG D 3.2
Dr Christian Winkler
European Securities and Markets Authority, Paris
Order Duplication and Liquidity Measurement in Fragmented EU Equity Markets
Audiostream and slides here
6 Dec
Prof. Dr Paolo Franchin
University of Rome “La Sapienza”

Physical and Uncertainty Modeling of Interdependent Civil Infrastructure Systems for the Purpose of Developing Decision Support Systems and Resilience Assessment
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Spring 2016

Date Speaker Title
postponed to 29 Nov.!
Christian Winkler
European Securities and Markets Authority, Paris
Order Duplication and Liquidity Measurement in Fragmented EU Equity Markets
8 Mar

Award Ceremony:

Walter Saxer Insurance Prize,
ETH Zürich
Talk by Prof. Hans Gersbach, ETH Risk Center





Insurance and Reinsurance of the Financial System

15 Mar
ETH Risk Center Seed Project Session
Dr Mario Tomasello and Dr Viktor Winschel
- Performance and Resilience of Collaboration Networks
- Uncertainty Quantification in Economics
4 Apr
Thomas C. Wilson
Chief Risk Officer, Allianz SE, Munich
Linking Risk Capital, and Value: Some Practice Thoughts From a CRO's Perspective

Audiostream and slides here
12 Apr Dr Antonio Scala
La Sapienza University of Rome
Systemic Risk and Recovery Strategies in Power Networks and Akin
Audiostream and slides here
19 Apr
Prof. Abel Cadenillas
University of Alberta, Canada
Stochastic Control Methods for Optimal Government Debt Management
26 Apr
Prof. Luciano Pietronero
La Sapienza University of Rome
New Metrics for Economic Complexity: Measuring the Intagible Growth Potential of Countries
Audiostream and slides here
3 May
Prof. Manfred Milinski
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Plön
Countering Climate Risks - Game Theory Predicts Experimental Results
Audiostream and slides here
10 May
Prof. Ross Barmish
University of Wisconsin, USA
From Coin Flipping to Model-Free Stock Trading via Feedback Control
Audiostream and slides here
24 May
Prof. Stefan Wiemer
Swiss Seismologic Service and ETH Zürich
Time-Dependent Risk Assessment and Decision-Making for Natural and Induced Earthquakes
31 May Prof. Yannick Malevergne
University of Lyon
Explaining the Missing Link in Piketty: Proof that Inequality Creates Excess Return with Self-Reinforcing Inequality
Audiostream and slides here

Fall 2015

Date Speaker Title
22 Sep Prof. Sebastian Ebert
Tilburg University, Netherlands
Measuring Multivariate Risk Preferences
6 Oct Prof. Hans Haller
Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg/VA, USA
Network Vulnerability: Designer-Disruptor Games
13 Oct Prof. Vassilios Vescoukis
NTU Athens, Greece
Geo-Information Systems Engineering in Risk Analysis of Multi-Hazard Cascading Effects on Networks and Infrastructures
20 Oct Prof. Stephan Wagner
ETH Zurich, Switzerland
The Risk of Financially Distressed Suppliers
video not available due to technical problems
27 Oct
16.15 h
Prof. Nassim Nicholas Taleb
NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, USA
How To Understand Fragility? -
Author of "The Black Swan" and "Antifragile"
video not available

10 Nov

HG E 3

Joachim Oechslin
Chief Risk Officer, Credit Suisse, Zurich
Key Topics in Risk Management at Credit Suisse
17 Nov Prof. Vyacheslav Yukalov Nuclear Research, Dubna/Russia Explanation of Classical Paradoxes in Decision Making under Risk and Uncertainty
1 Dec Prof. Stefan Thurner
Medical University of Vienna, Austria
Elimination of Systemic Risk in Financial Multilayer Networks

Spring 2015

Date Speaker
Seminar Title
3 Mar

Prof. Dirk Brockmann

Humboldt University, Berlin

Towards a Better Understanding of Global Contagion Phenomena
10 Mar

Prof. Perry Mehrling

Columbia University, New York

Central Banking for Shadow Banking
17 Mar ETH Risk Center Seed Projects Session
Risk Management Strategies of the Swiss Seismic Hazard
by Dr. Panagiotis Galanis, ETH Risk Center, Zurich
Uncertainty in Experimental Asset Markets
by Dr Philipp Rindler, ETH Risk Center, Zurich
24 Mar

Lee Howell
World Economic Forum, Geneva


Complexity, Uncertainty and Corporate Governance


31 Mar Prof. Ulrich Alois Weidmann
ETH Zurich

Extending Safety, Stability and Capacity of Rail Networks by Full Automation


21 Apr Prof. Juliia Schaumburg
VU University, Amsterdam

Spillover Dynamics for Systemic Risk Measurement Using Spatial Financial Time Series Models


28 Apr Dr David Adjiashvili
ETH Risk Center, Zurich

From Risk Analysis to Control - Algorithmic Aspect of Complex Systems


5 May Prof. Daniel Straub
Technische Universität (TU) München

The Role of Information in Risk Management of Engineering Systems


12 May Prof. Frank Schweitzer
ETH Risk Center, Zurich

Resilience of Social Organizations - Measures, Models, Mechanisms


Fall 2014

Sept. 23
Dr Peter Burgherr, Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI)
Jennifer Giroux, ETH Zurich
Examining the Targeting of Energy Infrastructure: Applying a Qualitative and Quantitative Approach

Sept. 30
Greg Davies
Head of Behavioral Investment Philosophy
Barclays London
Maximising Anxiety Adjusted Return: Don't Let the Best Be the Enemy of the Achievable

Oct. 7
Prof. Tom Hurd
McMaster University, Canada
Random Financial Networks and Locally Treelike Independence

Oct. 14
Prof. James Gleeson
University of Limerick, Ireland
Cascade Dynamics and Systemic Risk in Banking Networks

Oct. 21
Dr Felix Matthes
Energy & Climate Policy Öko-Institut, Berlin
Electricity Market Design: Developing a Sustainable Economic Basis for the Future Power System

Oct. 28 - Talk is cancelled!
Prof. Stijn Claessens
International Monetary Fund
Risk Scenarios in the World Post Global Financial Crisis

Nov. 4
Boris Köpf
IMDEA Software Institute, Madrid
Managing the Trade-off Between Security and Performance in Software Systems

Nov. 11
Pierre Lauquin
Long-Term Risk Manager
Nestlé, Vevey
Nestlé: Structured Approach to Face Risk and Crisis

Nov. 18
Prof. Michael Ward
Duke University, Durham, NC
Predicting the Risk of Irregular Regime Changes: Which Leaders Will Are Likely To Be Thrown Out?

Nov. 25
Prof. Hardin Tibbs
Synthesis Strategic Consulting, Cambridge, UK
Cyberpower Strategy and Socio-Political Risk

Dec. 2
Dr Valeria Bignozzi
University of Firenze, Italy
How Superadditive Can a Risk Measure Be?


Spring 2014

February 25
Prof. Qiang Xie
Tongji University, China
Natural Disaster Prevention to Electrical Grid Infrastructures in China: Earthquake, Wind Storms, and Icing

March 11
Dr Jérôme Kreuser
CEO, RisKontroller Global, USA
Risk Management in Public Institutions is Different: Everyone is Different in its Own Way

March 18
Prof. Richard de Neufville
Flexibility in Engineering Design

March 25
Prof. Bruno Sudret
ETH Zurich
Computational Methods for Uncertainty Quantification in Engineering Risk Analysis

April 8
Prof. Victor Galaz
Stockholm University, Sweden
Connectivity, Risk and Global Governance - A Multi-Theoretical Social Science Perspective

April 15
Prof. Giovanni Puccetti
University of Firenze, Italy
Complete Mixability and Asymptotic Equivalence of Worst-Possible VaR and ES Estimates under General Marginal Assumptions

April 29
Prof. Ole Peters
London Mathematical Laboratory, UK
Decision Theory 2.0

May 6
Prof. Scott E. Page
University of Michigan, USA
Unpacking Collective Intelligence

May 20
Niels Viggo Haueter
Swiss Re, Head Corporate History, Zurich
Competing Forms of Risk Management in History - Caritas, Entrepreneurship, and the State

May 27
Dr Arnaud Mignan
ETH Zurich
Extreme Cascade Events and Risk Governance - The Early Life of a Generic Multi-Risk Framework

Fall 2013

September 24
Dr. Olivia Woolley Meza
ETH Zurich Little Information is not so Dangerous After All: Global Information Reduces Vaccination Efficacy

October 1
Prof. Peter Howitt
Brown University, USA
This Talk is co-organized by CER-ETH/KOF and the Risk Center
Theory and Practice of Monetary Policy

October 8
Dr. Roman Muraviev
Twelve Capital AG, Zurich
Catastrophe Bonds

October 15
Prof. José F. Mendes
Aveiro University, Portugal
Avalanche Collapse of Interdependent Networks

October 22
Prof. Scott Backhaus
Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
Grid Science - An Interdisciplinary Approach to Electrical Grid Analysis, Control and Optimization

October 29
Prof. Raissa D'Souza
University of California, Davis, USA
Percolation, Cascades and Control of Interdependent Networks

November 5
Prof. Gerard de Jong
Institute for Transport Studies University of Leeds, UK
Predicting Uncertainty of Traffic Forecasts

November 14
Prof. Friedemann Freund
Earthquake Forecasting from a Global and Multidisciplinary Perspective: Science, Technology and Economics

November 19
Prof. Tso-Chien Pan
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Challenges in Catastrophe Risk Management of Asia

November 26
Prof. Stephan Pickl
Bundeswehr University Munich, Germany
Characterization of Resilience and Operation Processes in Aviation Management and Humanitarian Logistics

December 3
Prof. Giovanni Sansavini
ETH Zurich Failures in Engineered Complex Systems and Systems of Systems: a New Modeling and Simulation Challenge Calling for Innovative Techniques and Tools

Spring 2013

March 12
Pierre-Alain Graf
CEO, Swissgrid, Frick Managing Security of Supply in a Highly Interlinked System

March 19
Dr Richard Olsen
CEO, Olsen Ltd., Zurich Global Systems Science: From First Principles to the Mechanics of a Flourishing Economy

March 26
Prof. Enrico Zio
Ecole Centrale Paris The Complexity of Analyzing Vulnerability and Failures in Complex Engineered Systems

April 9
Prof. Gabe Mythen
University of Liverpool Pre-Crime and Counter-Terrorism: Vigilant Vistas or Pre-Emptive Delirium?

April 16
Dr Peter Müller
Director General, Federal Office of Civil Aviation, Bern-Ittigen Risk Based Oversight in Aviation

April 23
Prof. Tiziana Di Matteo
King's College, London Spread of Risk Across Financial Markets: Better to Invest in the Peripheries

May 7
Prof. Bozidar Stojadinovic
ETH Zurich Performance-Based Engineering of Resilient Communities

May 14
Dr Lukas Gubler
Chief Risk Officer, Axpo Trading, Dietikon Risk Management in Energy Trading - A Practitioner's View

May 21
Prof. Aaron Clauset
University of Colorado, Boulder Estimating the Historical and Future Probabilities of Large Terrorist Events

May 28
Prof. Marco Scarsini
Singapore University of Technology and Design Fear of Loss, Inframodularity and Transfers

Fall 2012

September 25
Prof. David Basin
Chair for Information Security, ETH Zurich Information Security Risks: Possibilities and Probabilities

October 2
Prof. Brian K. Min
Department of Political Science, University of Michigan Distributing Power: Evidence on Public Goods Provision by Satellite

October 9
Prof. Serge Paul Hoogendoorn
Transport & Planning Dept., Delft University of Technology Innovations in Data Collection for Evacuation Modeling and Management

October 16
John V. Duca
Vice President & Senior Public Advisor, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas How Complex Interactions Between Finance, Housing, and Consumption Can Lead to Deep Recessions

October 23
Prof. Semyon Malamud
Assistant Professor of Finance, EPFL, Lausanne Decentralized Exchange

October 30
Prof. Luciano Pietronero
Professor of Condensed Matter Physics, University of Rome A New Metric for the Economic Complexity of Countries and Products

November 6
Prof. Ortwin Renn
Environmental Sociology & Technology Assessment, University of Stuttgart Risk Governance: A New Concept to Deal with Complex, Uncertain and Ambiguous Risks

November 13
Prof. Valérie November
ESpRi Group, EPFL, Lausanne Spatiality of Risks

November 20
Dr. Peter Taylor
James Martin Research Fellow, University of Oxford Risk and the Cost of Uncertainty

November 27
Prof. Vyacheslav I. Yukalov
Joint Institute of Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia Risk Management for Self-Organized Complex Systems

December 4
Prof. Damir Filipovic
Head of Swiss Finance Institute, EPFL, Lausanne Risk-Based Solvency Regulation

December 11
Prof. Norio Okada
Integrated Disaster Risk Management, Kyoto University, Japan Japan after 3/11/2011 Disaster(s)

December 18
Prof. Leonardo Duenas-Osorio
Rice University, Houston Complex Systems Pathways to Risk-Based Decision Support in Infrastructure Engineering

Spring 2012

February 28
Dr. Rene Schnieper
Head Insurance, FINMA
2. Dr. Hansjörg Furrer
Head Quantitative Risk Management, Insurance, FINMA

This talk is a PRMIA Zurich Chapter event, organized by the Center of Competence Finance in Zurich (CCFZ).

Location: ETH Zürich, Raemistrasse 101, Zurich, Room: AUDI MAX, (1st floor, HG F30).
Time: 18:30-20:00 (followed by cocktail).

More info and registration. The Swiss Solvency Test
March 6
Dr. Stefan Brem
Federal Office for Civil Protection Critical Infrastructures in Switzerland: Strategy, Risks and Measures

March 13
Prof. Hideaki Aoyama
Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University

Prof. Yoshi Fujiwara
Graduate School of Simulation Studies, University of Hyogo
Statistical Physics of Labour Productivity
Chained Financial Failures at Nation-wide Scale in Japan

March 20
Prof. Paul Embrechts
ETh Zurich
Copula Theory and Applications: Quo Vadis?

March 27
Vinicio Cellerini
CEO, Global Corporate Switzerland
Zurich Insurance Company Ltd

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