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Risk Center PostDocs are involved in Seed Projects and are supervised by at least two Risk Center Professors.   

Current PostDocs

Dr. David Adjiashvili

Seed Project: Algorithmic Methods for Protection of Complex Networks
David Adjiashvili received his BSc and MSc degrees in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from Tel-Aviv University and The Weizmann Institute, respectively. He completed his PhD in Mathematics at ETH Zurich, where he is currently employed as a postdoctoral researcher by the Risk Center. His research focuses on exact and approximation algorithms for combinatorial problems in networks.

Rebekka Burkholz

Rebekka studied Physics and Mathematics at TU Darmstadt, Germany. In her Master's Thesis she looked at Stochastic FitzHugh-Nagumo Systems. After her internships at the financial consultancy d-fine and Deutsche Bank, Rebekka completed her PhD with Prof. Frank Schweitzer at the Chair of System Design at ETH Zürich. She studied systemic risk with applications in finance.
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Dr. Panagiotis Galanis

Seed Project: Managing the Risk of Business Interruption from Natural Hazards
Panagiotis Galanis received his diploma in 2008 from the Civil Engineering Department of the National Technical University of Athens. He pursued doctoral studies in Applied Mathematics at University of California, Berkeley focusing on the quantitative risk analysis and management of extreme natural hazards where he earned his PhD in 2014. His research interests lie in the areas of applying mathematical and statistical methods to quantify the risk of extreme natural events and using financial and engineering risk management strategies to reduce their impact. 

Dr. David Garcia Berreca

Seed Project: Systemic Risks for Privacy in Online Interaction
David Garcia received his BSc in Computer Science in Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, and got his MSc in Computer Science at ETH Zurich. He completed his PhD at the MTEC department, studying collective emotions in online communities. David is currently a Postdoc under the supervision of Prof. Frank Schweitzer, Chair of Systems design in ETH Zurich, studying human behavior through digital traces of online activity.

Dr. Philippe Muller

Seed Project: Assessment Voting - Benefits and Risks
Philippe Muller studied Applied Mathematics at ETH Zurich, with a focus on Probability Theory and Statistics. After completing the Swiss Program for Beginning Doctoral Students in Economics at the Study Center Gerzensee, he conducted doctoral studies at the Center of Economic Research at ETH Zurich and obtained his doctoral degree in early 2016. Currently, he pursues his research on Political Economy and Applied Game Theory as a postdoctoral researcher at the ETH Risk Center and the Chair of Macroeconomics: Innovation and Policy.

Dr. Jan Nagler

Seed Project: Controlling Percolation in Complex Networked Systems by Strategic Interventions
Jan Nagler studied physics in Kiel, Germany (thesis on self-organized criticality) and completed his PhD in Bremen, Germany (thesis on three-body-problem). His scientific stations include positions at Boston University, USA (PostDoc on complex economic systems), the Max-Planck-Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Goettingen, Germany (focus on nonlinear dynamics and stochastic systems) and ETH Zurich (focus on phase transitions in complex systems). His research focuses on the understanding and control of stochastic systems, with applications at the interface between physics, biology, sociology and economics, in particular phase transitions and tipping points, ergodicity breaking and estimation of risk in uncertain environments.

Foto Emiliano Torre

Dr. Emiliano Torre

Seed Project: Copulas for Big Data Analysis in Engineering Sciences
Emiliano Torre received his BSc. and MSc. in Mathematics from the University of Torino in 2011 with a thesis on copula-based stochastic diffusion models. He then pursued a PhD (2011-2016) in computational neuroscience at the Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine (INM-6) and the Institute for Advanced Simulation (IAS-6), working on hybrid statistical and data mining techniques for pattern discovery in massively parallel point processes. Since September 2016, Emiliano is a post-doc at the Chair of Risk, Safety and Uncertainty Quantification, working with Prof. Bruno Sudret and Prof. Paul Embrechts on copula-based methods for stochastic modelling of high-dimensional dependence structures.

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