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Bild Systemic Risk  
Models of Systemic Risk. Source: Chair for Systems Design, Prof. Frank Schweitzer

Develop Cross-Disciplinary Research

The current research projects show the value added to traditional research: We expect new insights, capabilities and tools to turn challenges into opportunities and to carve out ways to implement them in markets and systems. Our research projects develop new analytical methods by combining existing methods.

PhD Projects

Risk Center PhD Projects typically involve highly creative approaches and / or novel combinations of disciplines with the potential for excellence and exciting discoveries in the field of risk. At least two Risk Center Members, ideally from two different departments, act as supervisors for each PhD student.

Seed Projects

Risk Center Seed Projects are intended to foster application-oriented basic research by offering a pragmatic opportunity to explore and develop visionary ideas of high social relevance in an early stage towards a concept for further research, to be eventually funded by regular funding mechanisms and bodies.

Future Resilient Systems Research Programme - Singapore

The Future Resilient Systems (FRS) is a large scale research programme to address the challenges with critical infrastructure systems that provide essential services to modern societies, which is of particular importance to innovation-driven economies like Singapore and Switzerland. The FRS is the second programme of the Singapore-ETH Centre, which is established by ETH Zurich and Singapore's National Research Foundation.

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