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The Future Resilient Systems (FRS) programme addresses the challenges of making critical infrastructure systems more resilient.

Singapore and Switzerland are both small, well-organised, and prosperous (SWOP) countries that are densely populated, and whose well-being and development depend upon critical infrastructure systems. The network of systems, which form the ‘backbone’ that provides a reliable energy supply, transportation, communication, banking and finance, emergency, and other essential services, are of particular importance to innovation-driven economies like Singapore and Switzerland.

FRS's approach towards system resilience is built upon three guiding principles: complex socio-technical systems, resilience, and integrative risk management.

Thematically, the three clusters within FRS include:

  1. Interdependent critical infrastructure systems
  2. Energy systems and comparative system assessment
  3. Social and behavioural factors in decision-making

The FRS is the second research programme under the Singapore-ETH Centre, which was established by ETH Zurich and Singapore's National Research Foundation. Its research is guided by the FRS FRS Scientific Advisory Committee and the programme is managed in consultation with the FRS Management Committee.

Prof Dr Hans Rudolf Heinimann
Future Resilient Systems (FRS) Programme Director
& ETH Risk Center Member

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We celebrate our women in research at the Future Cities Laboratory and Future Resilient Systems on the occasion of International Women's Day. Read more 


FRS Pop-Up Social Science Lab

Public good games are set up in a pop-up lab in an experiment to determine strategies for energy savings, aimed at making energy demand more sustainable and resilient. Read more 


Optimal Meeting Scheduling in Smart Commercial Building for Energy Cost Reduction

This paper aimed at minimising energy consumption for air-conditioning and achieving more balanced power distribution is now published in IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid. Read more 


New publication: How Monitoring Influences Trust

The authors discuss the managerial implications of the results for designing and implementing monitoring systems. Read more 

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