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Pool of Expertise - Professors from 8 Departments of the ETH Zurich

The ETH Risk Center’s activities are based upon an interdisciplinary approach where a cluster of specialists from contrasting research areas pool their knowledge and experience to develop innovative solutions.

Pool of Expertise of ETH Risk Center  
From Solo to Orchestra - The pool of expertise: Each line represents a member of the Risk Center
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(D-BAUG) Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

  • Chair of Computational Physics (Prof. Hans Jürgen Herrmann)
  • Chair of Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering (Prof. Bozidar Stojadinovic)
  • Chair of Risk, Safety and Uncertainty Quantification (Prof. Bruno Sudret)
  • Chair of Traffic Planning and Transport Systems (Prof. Ulrich Alois Weidmann)

(D-GESS) Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences

  • Chair of International Conflict Research (Prof. Lars-Erik Cederman)

(D-INFK) Department of Computer Science

  • Chair for Information Security (Prof. David Basin)

(D-MATH) Department of Mathematics

  • Mathematical Finance (Prof. Paul Embrechts)

(D-MAVT) Department of Mechanical And Process Engineering

  • Chair of Reliability and Risk Engineering (Prof. Giovanni Sansavini)

(D-MTEC) Department of Management, Technology and Economics

  • Chair of Systems Design (Prof. Frank Schweitzer)
  • Chair of Entrepreneurial Risks (Prof. Didier Sornette)
  • Chair of Integrative Risk Management and Economics (Prof. Antoine Bommier)
  • Chair of Macroeconomics: Innovation and Policy (Prof. Hans Gersbach)
  • Chair of Risk and Insurance Economics (Prof. Wanda Mimra)

(D-USYS) Department of Environmental Systems Science

  • Chair of Forest Engineering (Prof. Hans Rudolf Heinimann)

(D-ERDW) Department of Earth Science

- Chair of Seismology and Director Swiss Seismological Service (Prof. Stefan Wiemer)

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