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The Risk Center fosters both top-down initiatives and bottom-up collaborative research projects linked with R&D. It also serves as an interface between academia, industry and civil (or governmental) authorities. Its research output should help society and industry to better manage risk portfolios and to design novel solution for collaborative risk reduction, and resilience-enhancing schemes. Overcoming fragmented research as a guiding principle allows to better cope with the systemic nature of risk and to shape the evolving concepts of "Integrated Risk Management" and "Resilience"

The Center Strives To

  • better design and manage complex interdependent systems our societies depend on;
  • developing novel approaches to capture extreme events, including the use of big data sets;
  • accelerate ETH Zurich research efforts in risk domains overall and in the context of insurance and banking in particular;
  • strengthen ETH Zurich's risk-related education and talent pool and, in turn, Switzerland's private and public sectors;
  • provide an attractive communication platform for knowledge sharing and global dialogue and become a first-rate information source about crises and risks;
  • understanding the growing comlexity and interdependence of our social and engineered systems, and discovering related behavioral phenomena;
  • overcoming fragmented research to better cope with the systemic nature of risk, synergistically connecting modern sciences and methods to risk domains.
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